Our Vision

We are confident that the future can be brighter.

We’ve built Genos to change the status quo of health and wellness discovery, ground up. And we believe doing so should not come at the cost of separating people from what inherently belongs to them – their genetic data.

Genos is anchored by the principle of individual ownership. We are setting the foundation for a world where you are always in control – to own your data, know your data and employ your DNA for your value or for shared value. Our commitment is to temper the institutional control and ‘profiting’ of your DNA, which harms scientific progress and violates your right to deliberate choice and a fair market.

The future is collectively ours, but it’s shaped by individuals who help move the world by paying it forward through advocacy and action. We are building a community that transparently and securely brings together research and service partners required to create the change we need to further health discovery – and you sit at the center. With your help, we can learn about the genetic heritage that we share and also makes us each unique. We can support scientific discovery to understand, prevent and cure diseases that impact all of us.

Avenues of action are imperative to further science, and our mission is to provide them, fairly. It’s time to be afforded the right paths to own your sequence, take action, and explore freely.

On your terms.

Standards and Commitments

Your DNA is yours and yours alone. Genos believes the same should hold with your genetic sequence. Access to your data is managed and controlled by you on the Genos platform at every step.

We fully understand the sensitivity of your genetic information and your personal relationship with health. We will provide easy access to help with reading and understanding your information where we can best serve it.

Security is paramount. Your genetic, phenotypic, payment, and identity related information doesn’t go where you don’t want it to go. We will provide transparency on all types of engagement with the product.

We seek to build a safe space for you to explore with vetted, credible information. We only partner with institutions, services, and researchers who have met rigorous privacy and quality standards.