Empower your community.

Partner with Genos.

The Genos experience is flexible to meet your community’s needs.

Share the core Genos discovery product as it is, or with some additional guidance. Partner with Genos’ genetic counselors or integrate with your own counselors and/or clinical guidance providers (medical geneticist, knowledgeable clinical genetics expert).

Providers (Health Systems, Concierge Medicine)

Use Genos to help your providers (genetic counselors, clinician or geneticists) engage with their patients about hereditary risk and wellness.


Bundle the Genos core product with guidance from specialists to help improve health and reduce overall health costs.

Company/Wellness Plans

Offer Genos to your employees to increase engagement with their genetic health.

Features & Benefits


Genos sequencing data and exploration experience highlights information from leading databases (such as ClinVar) to surface risk areas for further health evaluation with a clinical specialist.

Recruit, Engage, Retain

Empower your community through access to their DNA data and interactive tools so they can easily and directly engage with their own health and you can improve retention.


By identifying potential areas of health risk, avoid increased expenditures in the short/medium term in the current value-for-care environment.


Genos handles sample collection, sequencing and communication and easily integrates with your existing workflow.

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Customizable to meet your needs.

The Genos personal discovery and research platform is easily adaptable so that you can engage with your community in a way that fits your goals.