Research reinvented.


How does it work?


Post your study to the Genos community at no charge. Through the Genos platform, members can browse details about your study, including goals, eligibility criteria and relevant documents, like an informed consent.


To identify target users, you can query the Genos database based on genotype or phenotype and invite matching participants to enroll in your study. Users will be notified through the Genos platform and can apply directly.


Accept applicants of interest into your study. Quickly access their genomic and phenotypic data and analyze using your preferred pipeline. Recontact participants as needed.

Features & Benefits

Richer Data

Rapidly growing database of whole genomes and exomes of higher quality and coverage than other available data sources, along with in-depth phenotypic information.

Consented Individuals

Participants can consent to studies on a study-by-study basis, avoiding all of the consent issues of other databases.

Regulatory Compliance

Genos abides by applicable regulatory requirements, including IRB, CAP, and CLIA; so that you don’t need to worry.

Favorable Pricing

Post studies and recruit eligible participants at no charge. Pay only when you access data. Compared to traditional recruiting models, Genos is at a fraction of today’s cost.


Ability to contact participants for purposes of follow-up questions and longitudinal studies.

Targeted Recruiting

Query the database based on phenotypic or genotypic markers to invite and recruit participants who have opted to participate in research.

During this time, Genos will assist with the logistics for posting studies, recruiting participants, and sharing data.

Tell us about your project.

Flexibility to meet your research needs.

The Genos research and personal discovery platform is easily adaptable so that you can engage with the community in a way that fits your workflow best.

Some partnership examples:

End to End
Conduct your study end-to-end on Genos, from recruitment to variant calling.

Recruit matching participants through Genos to enroll in your study outside of Genos.

Sponsor sequencing in a particular disease indication at the reduced Genos pricing and have exclusive access to those data sets for a limited period of time.

Participant Engagement
Use Genos for data return and visualization in ongoing studies.