Greater Than The Rest.
We offer 50 times more data than other companies. Our Whole Exome Sequencing goes deep into more than 20,000 genes. Research suggests over 85% of known disease variants are in the exome.

Get Confident With 75x.
Genetic variants reveal all the ways you are unique. Higher “coverage” ensures more confident identification of these variations. For most research, 20x-30x is considered sufficient (non-diagnostic). We go higher. Way higher.

Sequence Once, Discover Forever.
Put your genetic data to work. Researchers continually explore new relationships to wellness; with our sequencing, you are covered for learning about future findings and what’s to come with Genos.

If you really want to know your DNA, this is the best option.
Own Your DNA.

Get a Running Start.

How it works

You can complete your sample from the comfort of your home. It has all the materials you will need, and shipping is free. Both ways.

Collect your sample at your convenience. Fill the tube with your saliva and drop the provided prepaid box in the mail to send back to us.

Your sequence will be complete within 90 days. Check your email for progress updates. Once your data is ready, you can begin exploring.